Texas Democrat Just Threw In The Towel – She Blames Biden’s Party ‘Infighting’ For Decision To Abandon Reelection In 2022
By |November 26, 2021
Texas Democrat Just Threw In The Towel – She Blames Biden’s Party ‘Infighting’ For Decision To Abandon Reelection In 2022

What’s Happening:

And another one bites the dust. America is hearing this refrain on a daily basis coming out of Washington. Democrat leaders are dropping like flies after Biden’s disastrous first 10 months in office and the eye-opening results of the 2021 elections.

They know what’s coming in 2022, and some are smart enough to get out of the way a full year early. One Texas Democrat in the House is even admitting the reason she’s high-tailing it out of the swamp.

From Fox News:

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, the 85-year-old Texas Democrat, who recently announced that she will not seek reelection, said in an interview that party infighting over President Biden’s social spending bill contributed to her decision.

Johnson is a political fixture in her hometown of Dallas, where early in her career she became the first Black woman to serve the city in the state Senate since Reconstruction.

“You begin to question the why when you get to a point where our party is not as together as you’d like it to be, like you’ve experienced,” she said.

The writing is on the wall. The Democratic Party may have gotten more than a curse than a blessing by winning two Georgia runoff seats and full control of Washington with it. Why?

Because in less than a year, the Democrats who know better are heading for the hills. They’re surveying the terrible results this administration has handed the American people. A border in crisis. Inflation through the roof. Jamming through spending bills the American people never asked for. Afghanistan.

The Biden administration can’t seem to do anything right, and the rest of the party can’t seem to get anything done for the American people either.

They wasted months trying to jam through transformative policies and sky-high spending with the barest of majorities.

They finally pushed through the infrastructure bill, but not without repeated infighting and delays for Pelosi and the progressives.

And when they get trounced in the 2021 election, most of their leaders, including Biden, Harris, and Pelosi, think they need to double down on cradle-to-grave socialist policies.

So no wonder longtime Democrat leaders like Johnson are throwing up their hands. Democrats are often known for their ability to march in lockstep, putting aside ideological differences to win at any cost.

But now that they’re in power, the massive fractures in the party between the few moderates left and the expanding progressive caucus are threatening to tear them to pieces. And no wonder—the progressives are quickly taking the reins of the party while they only represent a small number of the American people, even Democrats.

Almost everyone sees the writing on the wall, and far sooner than they have in previous waves—the 2022 midterms promise to be a tsunami for Republicans. You can be sure they are targeting seats like Rep. Johnson’s already.

Are you ready to see a red wave in the 2022 midterms?

Key Takeaways:

  • Texas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson has announced she will not run for reelection in 2022.
  • She admitted the infighting among Democrats over Biden’s Build Back Better Bill was part of her decision.
  • Polls continue to show Republicans are likely to sweep the House and Senate in the 2022 midterms.

Source: Fox News

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