After Squad Leader Makes Sick July 4th Demand – Thousands Step Up and Set the Record Straight
By Sally H|July 5, 2023
After Squad Leader Makes Sick July 4th Demand – Thousands Step Up and Set the Record Straight

What’s Happening:

Liberals continue to reveal their true intentions to erode the foundations of the United States. They demonize anyone who supports American values and call on others to adopt their radical perversion of U.S. history.

Unfortunately, many of these anti-American radicals have been elected to leadership positions by people who can’t pass a basic U.S. civics test. Liberals work to keep people uneducated and then convince them to follow along with crazy interpretations of what really happened in the past.

And any attack from the left toward U.S. institutions almost always includes race. This was openly apparent when a Democrat leader used social media on July 4 to attack one of the most historic documents in history on the day our nation celebrated independence and freedom.

From The Daily Wire:

“The Declaration of Independence was written by enslavers and didn’t recognize Black people as human,” Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) claimed. “Today is a great day to demand Reparations Now.”

Bush and the liberal mob that wants to pervert history can’t leave people alone even on one of the most sacred national holidays for this great nation. Her call on Twitter to financially punish American taxpayers who have done nothing wrong is a disgraceful attempt to promote her liberal lunacy.

Her distorted claims were met with swift and harsh responses that called out her underlying contempt for America.

From The Daily Wire:

“Don’t you think more than enough white people paid for it with their blood during the Civil War?” writer Ian Miles Cheong asked.

Chris Loesch responded, “This is rubbish. Cori has no knowledge of what the framers did or didn’t believe evidently or what their efforts were. She should understand why people like Frederick Douglass honored and revered them.”

Political strategist Ryan Girdusky tweeted, “People like Cori Bush could never build anything as great as what she’s trying to destroy.”

Bush clearly is clueless about history or at least used the liberal “don’t include all the facts” tactic of trying to trick the public. She should have pointed out that the framers were working hard to free oppressed people from all walks of life.

One Twitter user pointed out the historical facts that Bush won’t understand and certainly doesn’t want to share.

From The Daily Wire:

“Of the 56, 11 signers were guilty of enslaving others,” Libby Emmons, editor-in-chief of The Post Millennial, tweeted. “Jefferson’s clause about the need to abolish slavery was removed from the document in order to appease the colonies that backed the practice. Adams, Franklin and 2 others were abolitionists.”

Those who signed the Declaration of Independence were forging a path to form a nation like none other in the history of the world. It wasn’t a perfect union, but the foundation to form a more perfect unition.

The Fourth of July should always be celebrated as a day to honor those who sparked true independence and freedom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Liberal twists history in attack against American holiday.
  • Democrat claims writers of founding documents were “enslavers.”
  • She wants payback that will take money from taxpayers.

Source: The Daily Wire

Sally H