Obama Reveals ‘Unpresidential’ Additions To His $500M Library
By Mick Farthing|January 9, 2018
Obama Reveals ‘Unpresidential’ Additions To His $500M Library

Controversy has surrounded Obama’s Presidential library since it was first announced. The cost was shocking. The lack of physical records was suspicious. Now word has reached us that some of the features of this “library” are more than ridiculous.

Every President in recent memory has a library. It’s become a tradition, a way to preserve their role in leading the country. Mostly, it’s a way for Americans to look at their work and accomplishments.

But perhaps Obama doesn’t want Americans looking too closely at his accomplishments in office. That’s why some of the features of this hall of knowledge have nothing to do with him. Some of the additions are inappropriate. Others? Downright silly.

From Fox News:

In their effort to break the mold, the planners of the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago are taking heat for some less-than-lofty features in the sprawling complex.

Namely, a “test kitchen.”

Reports first surfaced last fall that the monument to the first black president’s legacy was taking on an activity-center vibe. There would be a museum – but also a basketball court, possibly a room for yoga classes, and a test kitchen to teach visitors “about the full production cycle of nutritious food.”

It’s a reference to former first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign for healthy eating and lifestyles.

But Chicago Tribune columnist Ron Grossman trashed the “test kitchen” idea as not worthy of the ideals and history for which the presidential center is supposed to stand.

“Mr. President, I’ve got to tell you: The renderings for your museum are ‘little plans,’ more likely to congeal than stir blood,” he wrote.

Yes, because when I think of the first black President of the United States, I think of yoga.

This tells you everything you need to know of Obama’s “legacy” in office. The library won’t record his major achievements. It won’t house records related to the importance of his time in office. Or the significance his leadership had on the country. Instead, it’s shaping up to be another boondoggle. A massive waste of money that allows his wife to indulge.

Perhaps, it’s fitting. There are many Americans who don’t want to celebrate Obama’s legacy. They view his time in office as a failure and mistake. His biggest achievement, Obamacare, was a massive blunder. One that still plagues our nation.

The real crime is that this center will be partly funded by taxpayer dollars. A center than most Americans don’t want any part of, will be paid by them. Is that right?

Source: Fox News

Mick Farthing
Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.
Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.
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