Nancy Pelosi Suddenly Blindsides Joe Biden – She Pulls a 180 on The Embattled President
By James Conrad|July 10, 2024
Nancy Pelosi Suddenly Blindsides Joe Biden – She Pulls a 180 on The Embattled President

The walls are closing in on President Joe Biden faster than ever before. Even top Democrats are starting to turn on him.

For years, the Democratic Party had been trying to hide Biden’s cognitive failings from the rest of the world. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, top Democrats defended Biden’s mental capabilities at every turn. They repeatedly claimed that there was nothing wrong with him cognitively.

Then last month’s disastrous presidential debate happened. While Biden was on the debate stage, Democrats could no longer protect him. There, his mental decline was on full display for the entire world to see.

Now, Biden has gotten hit with his most crushing blow yet. The former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is seemingly starting to have second thoughts about him running again.

Pelosi Encourages Biden To ‘Decide If He Is Going To Run’

From The Hill:
Asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” if Biden has her support to be the party’s nominee, Pelosi — who remains a key figure in the House Democratic Caucus — declined to weigh in, deferring to the president.

“It’s up to the president to decide if he is going to run,” Pelosi said. “We’re all encouraging him to make that decision. Because time is running short.”

“But he’s beloved, He is respected and people want him to make that decision, not me.”

While Pelosi stopped short of telling Biden not to run, this is still a noticeable change from the language that she and her fellow Democrats have previously used when asked a question such as this one.

In the past, Pelosi would have likely seemed offended by this question while arguing that Biden absolutely must run again in order to “save democracy” from being destroyed by Donald Trump.

Instead, on Wednesday morning, Pelosi demurred at the question as she appeared to encourage Biden to reconsider his decision to run again.

Democrats Meet About Biden Behind Closed Doors

Pelosi’s interview came just one day after congressional Democrats met behind closed doors to voice concerns about Biden in the wake of his debate debacle. Pelosi’s change of language after this meeting is undoubtedly no coincidence, as she likely saw yesterday just how much the tide has turned against Biden among her fellow Democrats.

Since Biden’s disastrous debate performance, he has become a major thorn in the side of the left. So far, he’s defiantly refused all calls for him to step down. Despite his clear cognitive failings, he’s indicated that nothing will stop him from running for president again.

If Pelosi were to completely turn on him and start blatantly encouraging Biden to drop out, however, it may be difficult for him to remain in this race. At the very least, Pelosi’s latest interview should be seen as a warning shot that is enough to send Biden and his camp into full panic mode.

In the end, Biden and the few supporters that he has left can no longer deny that the writing is on the wall for him.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pelosi seemingly encouraged Biden to reconsider running for president again in the wake of his disastrous debate performance.
  • This came one day after congressional Democrats met behind closed doors. In this meeting, they reportedly aired their concerns about Biden and his abilities to run again.
  • Biden has defiantly refused to drop out of the race. If Pelosi turns on him, however, it might be enough to convince him that he needs to go.

Sources: The Hill, CBS News

James Conrad