Illegal Immigrants Flee America Like The Plague Thanks To Swift Trump Maneuver
By Steve Edwards|February 15, 2018
Illegal Immigrants Flee America Like The Plague Thanks To Swift Trump Maneuver

Fixing our nation’s broken immigration system was one of the key tenets of President Donald Trump’s successful presidential election campaign.

He’s been doing his best to deliver on those promises, but Democrats are stonewalling and using the fate of the so-called Dreamers as an excuse for doing so.

Trump is sticking to his guns and insisting that Democrats need to work with Republicans on any immigration deal put forth in Congress. But, you guessed it, Liberals are refusing to cooperate.

So what do you do when the Democrats in both the House and Senate are snubbing the president? You do what Donald does best: make an ingenious move that forces the Liberals’ future voting base of illegal immigrants out of the country. You’ll be amazed by what Trump just did.

Independent Journal Review has the news.

If Congress can’t reach a deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, two so-called “Dreamers” plan to leave the country.

Daniela Velez, 24, told CNN she and her sister, Alex, “are both over” the DACA controversy. If the Obama-era policy ends, she said, “I will close my business, leave work and school.”

The debate over DACA has been nothing short of maddening. Trump has shown a willingness to clean up the mess that was left behind by the Obama administration, but he’s only going to do that if a deal can be reached on larger problems that affect the nation as a whole.   

Democrats are insisting on digging their feet into the ground, and they’re the ones responsible for the fact that the two sides remain so hopelessly divided. And because of that, illegal Dreamers are now leaving in droves.

In September, President Donald Trump announced he would end DACA and left it up to lawmakers on Capitol Hill to come up with a workable alternative. But so far, little progress has been made as the March 5 deadline looms in the not-too-distant future.

Alex Velez’s status is set to expire March 6, one day after Congress’ deadline.

“I will leave. I will leave America as soon as possible,” she said if a deal isn’t reached. “I want to be able to leave on my terms. I’m not going to be waiting for anyone to come for me.”

The Velez sisters will not be the only ones that make such a choice in the current environment.

The prevailing narrative would suggest that Trump is to blame for that, but the reality is vastly different.

He’s not going to back down on his pledge to fix the nation’s immigration system.

Illegals are getting that message loud and clear and responding accordingly. Why can’t the Democrats do the same?

Source: Independent Journal Review

Steve Edwards
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