Biden Admin Exposed for Rigging Top Report – Experts Show How Joe’s People Fudged the Numbers
By Sally H|June 29, 2023
Biden Admin Exposed for Rigging Top Report – Experts Show How Joe’s People Fudged the Numbers

What’s Happening:

It is a rigged system, folks. President Joe Biden’s administration reportedly changed data systematically to make new regulations appear rosy while taxpayers end up paying more.

All Americans need power to fuel their daily lives. Every time flips a light switch or charges a cell phone or sucks electric vehicle juice out of the grid it takes power.

And power doesn’t magically appear from thin air. Expensive power plants keep America running and Biden has manipulated data to require energy companies to pay more.

That means everyday Americans are going to pay more. It all comes from Biden’s proposed power plant crackdown under the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA manipulates a complicated formula to paint a rosy picture of the crackdown that experts say doesn’t account for the negative impact of the regulations on power grid reliability and costs.

Basically, the EPA is going to ramp up regulations and force power plants to either comply or shut down.

From Fox News:

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulatory impact analysis (RIA) of its power plant plan produces a “remarkable underestimation” of actual impacts, according to a report released this week by the Chamber of Commerce Global Energy Institute.

The EPA created a questionable baseline scenario, failed to factor in projected electric vehicle growth and overestimated the development of carbon capture technology, the report showed.

Sounds about right for an overreaching federal agency that is fast-tracking Biden’s plans to destroy all fossil fuel-fired power plants. This clown will abuse any agency to get what he wants and ultimately hurt the American people.

It’s a tough fight, but there are organizations trying to fend off Biden’s data fudging. While the EPA says there will be a reduction in carbon emissions and no cost increase for customers, the Chamber of Commerce Global Energy Institute says otherwise.

From Fox News:

“Why is this important? Because the completely unrealistic baseline assumptions change the entire cost-benefit equation, the Global Energy Institute report states.

Another federal agency, the Energy Information Administration (EIA), contradicts parts of the EPA’s assessment of how the power plant crackdown will affect costs, according to Fox. The EIA is the nonpartisan statistics office within the Department of Energy and stated in a report that natural gas prices will increase as much as 97% higher than what EPA says the price will be in its baseline.

Just reading these federal agency reports is enough to give anyone a headache. These agencies manipulate words and data as they see fit to back up Biden’s plans to kill cheap energy sources in the United States.

Reports like these show why this country needs fewer federal agencies and even fewer bureaucrats calling the shots. The more data they can manipulate only increases daily living expenses for Americans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden sends out another federal report to crack down on fossil fuels.
  • He wants energy companies to suffer and Americans to pay more.
  • Biden’s EPA fudges the numbers so people can’t see what they’re doing.

Source: Fox News

Sally H